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Can’t quite
Figure out
Where the
Locust of Control

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I haven't been keeping score or anything, but I feel like you've written enough short stories since Fragile Things to warrant a new collection. Any chance of publishing one soon?


I’m finishing the very last short story of the next collection RIGHT NOW. Everything else has been written: the stories, the introduction, all that…

It’s being published in February, and it will be called TRIGGER WARNING: Short Fictions and Disturbances.



"Ignore the World"

With all these silly monsters eating everyone she knows
Caitlin is sooooo sick of hearing about it on all of the TV shows.
She just wants to avoid the news and escape into a book,
But then this monster is right outside, trying to make her look!

The world has been so dark lately, so she just wants to have some fun
Even if the dumb monster’s head is blocking out the sun…
Caitlin tries not to care, since she has her lamp-droid by her side
Though if the monster tries to eat her, the lamp-droid will only hide.

She can sense the beast reading over her shoulder, breathing so loudly
"I simply shan’t give it any attention", Caitlin states ever so proudly.
Let others dwell on the monster-caused deaths, cuz’ this is her reading day
All you have to do is ignore everything, and all of your problems will go away.

(Starring the wonderful Caitlin Carpenter!)

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The edible mushrooms of the Austrian Imperial State by Leopold Trattinnick on Flickr.

Publication info Vienna: Geistinger, 1809.
BHL Collections:
New York Botanical Garden


 Ricardo Bofill - La Muralla Roja 


Weedle / Skyridge

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