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Erika’s birthday cake. 


Ucides cordates, female and Goniopsis cruentata, male from The Brachyura and Macrura of Porto Rico by Mary J. Rathbun, 1899



why is this so funny

All around me are familiar faces

Worn out places

Worn out faces



monday morning warmup sketch

i was just looking for this sketch and realized i drew it one year ago today! happy bday, sketch!


Going in circles.



3D volumetric light display by Maximilian Mali can display animated 3D forms using POV method - video embedded below:

voLumen is a volumetric three dimensional LED display device. Its purpose is to project volumetric animations onto eyes of a human spectator …

… By quickly rotating thousands of LEDs around a common axis using a precise microprocessor-control-logic magic becomes a simple principle. The persistance of vision of the human eye enables the impression of a solid volumetric object. Using a speacially developed PC-Conversion software, animations and contents can be easily generated from 3D-Modelling/CAD software with just the press of a button! voLumen can be connected to a PC via USB to transfer the data to the 16GBytes of internal high-speed solid-state memory, which allows enough space for 36 minutes of smooth volumetric colourized 3D playback!

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